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Stationery suppliers in Dubai

At Shass Gifts, we have all the stationery needs you could ever want or need. From eco-friendly and personalized stationery to your more common office variety, we have it all at reasonable prices in Dubai. Our selection of stationery is among the best, so you'll definitely find what you're looking for. Shop with confidence - we're dedicated to being one of the cheapest office stationery suppliers in the UAE.

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Cubie Time Table Clock
ST 2083

Open Cube Table Clock With Compass
ST 2092

On Box Open Alarm Table Clock
ST 2098

Spinner Table Clock
ST 2100

Oval Stand Glob Table Clock
ST 2101

Day Date Digital Alarm Table Clock
ST 2103

Curve Stand Digital Table Clock
ST 2104

Curve Stand Digital Table Clock
ST 2285

Bamboo Digital Clock
ST 2286

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