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Why your school need a branded promotional products?

Branded promotional products are valuable additions to educational promotional gifting concepts. Branded promotional products that are intended to represent schools or other educational facilities are cherished, valued and used on a regular basis. This generates a positive brand association for the students who use the branded promotional items, as well as for their parents, peers and teachers who would greatly benefit from the utilization of bespoke promotional products personalized to match the school’s brand values.

Here are some great ideas of promotional products you could use for your school’s brand communication:

1.    Notebooks:
Very important and practical gifts to take notes in, notebooks are an essential addition to every students’ and teachers’ school bag. Whatever be the use of the notebook - to sketch doodles, take down notes, study, revision sessions or even to jolt down random thoughts and ideas… a notebook is sure to be a hit promotional product.
2.    Coloured Pencils:
Particularly useful among budding artists and children looking to express their artistic creativity, coloured pencils are a wonderful promotional gift. They can be given in packs of a dozen, or even as part of an artists’ box. These valuable products find their place in every students’ pencil pouch and school backpack, and enable students to add an extra dash of colour to their daily homework assignments, drawing and classroom activities.
3.    Lunch Boxes:
Promotional lunch boxes are a fantastic promotional gift, since they are very important in the life of a student as well as teachers in the classrooms as well. They are important to safely transport students’ snacks, lunches or any other meals. And, if coloured with creative branding elements, can be a sure success gift to the recipient base.
The gifting options are limitless - be it pens, water bottles or even backpacks… branded promotional products to represent schools are a wonderful way to show your students and staff that you care. For more options of kids gift items or birthday gift suppliers in Dubai, do check out Shass gifts today.


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