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Unique trade show giveaways to win over the crowd

When you host an event or a tradeshow, it's the ideal time to get branded items into the hands of your grateful attendees. There are many standard items that people at your next in-person event will expect, as well as gifts that are a little out of the ordinary.

This approach has the advantage of increasing your chances of being remembered and, hopefully, gaining new and engaged customers. Here are some unique trade shows giveaways ideas to win over the crowd

  1. Lanyards: The lanyard is favorite for a variety of reasons, including distinguishing your team from your attendees, holding passes and IDs, and even useful for attaching items. Because many organizations require ID badges to be visible throughout the day, the lanyard that you give out at an event can be used repeatedly by the recipients.
  2. Water bottle: Give away a water bottle at your next event to demonstrate your environmental stewardship while also providing a useful item. There are numerous styles to choose from, such as a plastic bottle or a stainless steel bottle, so choose one that you believe will appeal to your target audience.
  3. T-shirt: Choose high-quality fabric and screen print your design so that people will want to wear it again and again. If your t-shirt design is on point, you should also have some user-generated content and tags on your social media profiles.
  4. Notebook: Having the ability to take notes during talks and breakout sessions is critical for conference attendees, so provide them with a notebook to make this process as simple as possible. If you have ever arrived at an event and realized you forgot to bring your writing instruments, you will understand why this is a great event promotion idea.
  5. USB Flash Drive: USB flash drives are a simple and useful item to distribute at an event. There are numerous USB drive ideas in terms of shape, size, and customization, depending on the theme or cause of your event, as well as your industry.
  6. Coffee Mug: Drinkware, such as coffee mugs, is a common promotional product found at events, so give your guests what they expect! They can use the mug daily for coffee either in office or home. It helps your existing or new customer to remind them about your service.
  7. Powerbank: Choose a power bank with a good battery voltage to allow it to be used several times before needing to be recharged. When USB chargers are included in the power bank package, it is a very good strategy to make your customers feel happy.

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