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Top 5 Promotional Products For Back To School

Catchy, colourful and practical gifts are of the essence in this scenario. Promotional products that provide great branding opportunities and are very useful will be quite popular among your recipient base. Here are the top 5 promotional products for back-to-school:

  1. Lunch Boxes

    Lunch Boxes would be very relevant and useful promotional products during the back-to-school season. Not only are they used on a regular basis, they are indispensable. It is necessary to carry lunch or snacks to school daily, so a gift that you know would be of utmost use to the recipient would be a very wise choice.

  2. Notebooks

    Notebooks are back-to-school essentials that one can simply not do without. From writing notes in class, to revision sessions, or even to doodle in… notebooks serve a myriad of uses.  And it is definitely a back-to-school staple that will inevitably find its way into the classroom, or backpack of every student.

  3. Novelty Pens

    Thinking of something that is practical, yet brings a smile to the faces of students? Then novelty pens might be the right choice for you and your brand. While handy, practical yet simply entertaining, novelty pens could be the simple but effective solution if your brand’s values align with entertainment through simplicity, humour and practical utility.

  4. Water Bottles

    Water Bottles serve a multitude of applications in the educational environment. Keeping students hydrated so they can focus on learning, studying and socialising is a simple but strong element to associate your brand’s promotional products with. They are also quite easy to personalize, with your branding. And since water bottles are typically on display in the classroom or lunchroom environment, the branded merchandise is sure to catch the eye of many.

  5. Stationery

    Last but not least, the most important back-to-school products of them all - stationery. Ranging from pens to pencils to folders, there is a reason these products are highly popular within the back-to-school promotional product category. It is hugely practical within an educational setting, and also presents a wide range of opportunities for your brand to be seen, recognized and valued as indispensable to the learning process.

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