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Top 5 Employee Welcome Kits Ideas

As employees are the force that pushes the organization towards the fulfillment of its business pursuits, it gets very important, particularly for the HR Department, to give the onboarding employees an environment that feels utmost comfortable and lets them get a healthy vibe from day one – thus, gifting them premium corporate gifts is a great first step!

Does giving gifts to new hires make a difference?

Absolutely! When an employee is on their first day in the company and amid a new set of people around them, the employee might remain in a shell and get hesitant to open up and initiate interactions. Just then, if the employee’s new team members, to the employee’s utter surprise, present a great welcome by giving some adorable corporate gifts – imagine the immediate sense of inclusion the employee develops. So, giving a happier start to employees is definitely a great move.

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Awesome Employee Welcome Kits Ideas

Happy Onboarding Letter & Stationery

A welcome letter possessing a personal touch, maybe a handwritten one by the director of the company, can prove to be a special one for the employee. Along with it, a cool combo of notebook and pen can be amazing too.

Company T-shirts, Coffee Mugs, File Folder

This set of gifts always serves the purpose of effective team building. Having a dedicated day on which everyone has to wear the company t-shirt can really be fun.

Set of Metal Cap Key Ring USB

The very cost-effective yet appealing premium corporate gifts to consider. Being a tech gift, the metal cap key ring USB will be helpful to the new employees for their data transfers.

Gifts for Chillin’

It can be really cool on HR’s part to come up with some relaxation-providing gifts like Inflatable Pillow in Pouch and PVC Beach Mattress – these can really impress your new employees!

Personal Care Set

A handy 7-piece personal care set can assist the employees with good quality personal equipment. This comprehensive set can be carried by the employees very conveniently.
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