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Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Trade Show Giveaways

Trade shows are exciting events for both companies and attendees. They are a way for the company to showcase new products and services, connect with potential industry partners, and even study the competition. Meanwhile, attendees get to learn more about the latest products available from companies and, of course, score some free swag. The key to choosing the right giveaway for your next event is to select items that will connect with your target audience while also supporting your overall marketing strategy.

One of the most effective ways to capture the attention of guests is to distribute giveaways. However, keep in mind that nearly all of the booths will be doing the same thing. To stand out from the crowd, you must carefully consider what will comprise your giveaways. Trade show giveaways are one of the most profitable marketing techniques you can use at an event, and selecting the right exhibition giveaways can help you engage your trade show customers.

  1. Booth location: Look into this early if you are willing to pay more. Most trade show prime locations sell out quickly; some prime locations are even grandfathered in, so you may need to plan ahead of time, such as next year. It's also something to think about when negotiating your contract. If you intend to attend a trade show year after year, prime location is something you can try to take advantage of at that time.
  2. Get the look: Buyers are drawn to attractive booths. Make use of vibrant colors and put thought into the design of your booth. It will mean the difference between people stopping and walking by. Make your messaging clear and visible from all angles, both near and far. Use clear signage and adequate lighting.
  3. Make your booth approachable: Your booth should be approachable in addition to having the 'right look' and appealing design. Professional booth attendants' smiles are important. Have a variety of display options to appeal to a wide range of people. Some people enjoy receiving flyers, pamphlets, and reading materials. Many people will want to talk to the booth staff and ask questions. Maintain a sufficient number of booth employees at all times.
  4. Offer show specials: Make sure to highlight your show specials so that buyers understand that they must purchase at the show to receive the discount or special offer. Make sure your show special is prominently displayed.
  5. Contests and promotions: Everyone enjoys winning something, so holding contests, special promotions, or prize drawings will draw people to your booth. Make it clear that attendees must provide something in order to enter the drawing or qualify for a prize, such as a business card or completion of a contact form or questionnaire.

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