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Summer Promotional Giveaway Ideas

Summers are around the corner and several events occur across the country. It is a great time to take advantage of the warm weather and implement promotions that invite consumers.  Promotional giveaways are a technique for promoting brands. This is how small business enterprises make themselves visible in local communities which is a platform to increase your brand visibility for large events. If you give creative promotional giveaways, your sales will be high all summer.

Summertime provides an opportunity to retailers with unique ideas. It is not compulsory that your organization needs to produce summer – products or services, there are creative ways to promote during this season to advance sales. Consumers are more attracted to businesses that give free giveaways comparatively and less to the services they provide. Giveaway items can include seasonal items, technology devices, gift cards, or other items branded with the company’s logo. When you are determining for a summer promotional giveaway, the business should consider brand visibility. It is best to provide items that have a value that can be used more than once.  Always use items that can be branded in a way that makes your company logo visible to the consumers.

It’s important to choose items that are appropriate for hot weather, yet serve a meaningful use. Promotional giveaways are a great way to increase interaction between brand and customer. Always choose a gift that is memorable and engaging. Promotional products are a low-cost and high-impact marketing tool. It can speak volumes about your company and advertise your business effectively. Here are some summer promotional giveaway ideas :

  • Water Bottles: Hydration plays a very important role during summer. Metal bottles can help to keep water cool and is also a super solid product. Summers are months when you are more likely to sweat. So, it is one of the best promotional giveaways during summers.
  • Eco-Friendly Products:  Giving eco-friendly products as a promotional gift helps to reduce waste and support society. It will make the consumers happy that they are making a green choice.  For eg: reusable straw, Tote bag, etc.
  • Cooler Bags: For a sunny day, cooler bags are very helpful for customers to keep their cold products chilled all day and enjoy the summers. It also has two large zippered front pockets for extra storage. 
  • Stubby Holders:  Drinks in summer are extremely refreshing but can freeze your fingertips when you hold them too long. Stubby holders are easy to fix the issue by making it comfortable to keep drinks.

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