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Innovative exhibition gift ideas to delight delegates

Exhibitions are avenues where you and your brand can truly make the right impression with the right audience, as long as you determine what appeals to them the best. These provide opportunities to ensure your brand is remembered for all the correct reasons, long after the event is over, which could set you apart from the competition. Therefore, innovative exhibition gift ideas make all the difference and can ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of delegates, in addition to your desired target audience.

If you, as a brand, believe you are unique and innovative, your gifts should ideally represent the same. Keeping this spirit in mind, here are some recommendations for truly exciting gift ideas intended to delight delegates:

  1. Anti-loss devices

    As we all know, it can be a bit common to lose small but essential items such as your keys or wallet. In this case, anti-loss devices can be of great value. Find me! devices and key finders are useful and innovative, and go a long way in expressing to your target recipient that you are a brand that prioritizes finding unique solutions to commonly experienced problems, which would help you establish yourself as a premium and innovative brand.

  2. Unique & useful keychains

    Keychains are important since we need them to organize our car keys, house keys, office keys and many more. So gifting unique keychains that have a range of functionalities will help set you apart from the rest. Keychains with flashlights and torches can be incredibly handy and would not only prove very useful, but also add great novelty value to the gift.

  3. Gift sets

    When in doubt, branded gift sets never fail. Gift sets with useful items such as card holders, wallets, keychains, notebooks, pens etc. provide you with the opportunity to gift several items at once, ensuring multi-faceted branded gifting opportunities that will allow your brand to remain in the hearts and minds of recipients long after the exhibition event has taken place.

  4. Engraved awards

    Awards that are personalized with your brand messaging and logo would find a place on any delegate’s shelf, and in turn their minds. Aesthetically pleasing glass awards and wooden plaques that are tailored to best represent what you wish to communicate to your target audience of delegates provides you with the opportunity to include messaging that best encapsulates the spirit of your brand.

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