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How to Increase Your Visibility at Trade Fairs with Promotional Gifts

Trade fairs offer an invaluable opportunity for companies to gain exposure and connect with potential clients face-to-face. But with hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of attendees, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. Using promotional gifts at your trade fair booth is an effective way to increase visibility and attract more prospects.

Select Useful Promotional Items

The key is choosing promotional giveaways that provide genuine value to trade fair attendees while reinforcing your brand identity. Rather than picking the cheapest or flashiest items, opt for practical products they’ll actually use. Useful examples include:

Power Banks - With attendees browsing multiple booths, phone batteries drain fast. Branded power banks let them recharge on the go while remembering your company.

Portable Chargers - Another handy electronic giveaway, mini chargers fit in bags for quick top-ups. Include your logo and stall number.

Notebooks and Pens - Useful for taking notes at seminars and collecting contacts. Pens with your details will be regularly seen.

Tote Bags - Let visitors carry brochures and freebies in branded bags with your name/logo visible. Eco-friendly options like jute appeal now.

Water Bottles - Essential for keeping hydrated at crowded venues. Sleek bottles with logos make great keepsakes.

Food and Beverage - Treats like coffee, chocolate, mints, or biscuits tempt visitors to your stand.

Choose items that represent your industry or company while serving a function for your target trade fair demographic. The top suppliers of promotional gifts in dubai and some of the major players of promotional gifts in uae can provide guidance.

Place Items Strategically

  • Don’t just pile freebies at the back of your booth - use promotional giveaways to draw foot traffic and start conversations.
  • Display items prominently at your booth entrance or on your reception desk. Staff can proactively offer them to visitors passing by.
  • Have bags, notebooks, or chargers spread around workstations and meeting areas. Attendees will be curious and engaging your team is easy. 
  • Use signs or display packaging to highlight your gifts and their benefit. “Power up with our portable chargers!” 
  • If you have an interactive area like a demo station or VR zone, provide useful giveaways participants can use there.

Get creative with promotional gift placement for maximum visibility. You want attendees flocking to your spot.

Train Your Staff

  • Educate your booth team on each promotional item and how to present them effectively.
  • Ensure they understand the purpose behind the giveaways, beyond just free stuff. There’s a strategy behind each one. 
  • Brief them to highlight useful features and benefits for the visitor to make a connection as they give it away.
  • Empower them to choose the right gift for starting meaningful conversations with each prospect based on their apparent interests or needs. 

With proper training, your staff becomes integral to the promotional gifts generating leads and memorable brand impressions.

Marketing Integration

  • Integrate your event giveaways into pre-show marketing and at-show signage.
  • Highlight them in email campaigns, social media and website banners leading up to the fair. 
  • Create booth displays and materials that feature the gifts alongside key services and products you offer.  
  • Use signage or product packaging to explain the purpose of each giveaway item you provide.
  • This primes attendees to know about and seek out your well thought out gifts.

Follow Up

  • Don’t let your promotional gifts be a one-time barrage. Have a plan to follow up with contacts post-event. 
  • Include business cards or flyers with gifts so recipients can easily reach out after the fair.
  • Capture lead details when giving out gifts for email, phone or mail follow up. 
  • Send thank you notes or emails after the show referencing the gift given and offering discounts, trials or product info. 
  • Follow up fast, as the tangible gift they took home keeps your brand top of mind after the event crowds dissipate.

In short, with thousands of exhibitors competing for attention, using promotional giveaways can give your trade fair booth the boost in engagement and leads needed to succeed. Tailor the gifts to your audience, display smartly, prep staff, and integrate into marketing to maximize the impact. Contact the top suppliers of promotional gifts in uae for guidance on selecting creative and effective products for your next trade fair or exhibition.


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