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Corporate Gifts for Social Media Influencers

When choosing the right corporate gifts for social media influencers, it is essential to establish your target recipient profile. This involves developing an understanding of who they are, what they do, what their brand represents and who their target audience would be. Assessment of their follower base as well as their brand representation will go a long way. Once their profile is developed and well understood, it is far more straightforward to assess what would be the right kind of corporate gifts to present.

It is also important to establish the niche of the social media influencer. For instance, tech bloggers and influencers would benefit greatly from wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers or bespoke laptop bags. Influencers who use social media to display their artwork & creativity would appreciate gifts targeted toward artists and their lifestyle, such as wax crayons, coloring pencils or even an artist set. This would also give them the right platform to showcase your gift in front of their audience – creating the perfect opportunity for brand awareness, as well as exhibiting a deeper understanding of the influencer’s domain.

Additionally, understanding other branding elements of social media influencers would help you select the perfect aesthetic appeal for your corporate gifts. For fitness influencers, a cooling exercise headband with their brand coloring or logo customization would be a perfect fit.

Going beyond understanding their niche and brand factors would be the specialization of their content within a specific category. For instance, in the industry of travel influencers on social media, there are several categories – luxury travel, backpacking, budget travel, international and domestic travel… the list goes on. So for a luxury travel influencer, a VIP leather travel bag would be ideal, whereas for a backpack travel influencer, a multi-functional, waterproof travel backpack with plenty of storage space would do the trick. Certain gifts such as a travel wallet can be branded and customized to best reflect the influencer’s bespoke branding message as well as a reflection of their content. 

Taking the time to go the extra mile will certainly reap rewards in this regard. It would allow the recipient to understand that you, as a brand yourself, have invested efforts to understand their platform – enabling them to feel empowered and well represented. And this, in turn, would act as an extension of your brand ideals communicated to a wider audience on social media.

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