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Best Job Fair Giveaways to Recruit College Students & Professional

Recruitment events are always exciting, where the air is filled with possibility and hope. Job fairs, filled with employable professionals and enthusiastic college students, are the right place to make an impression about your brand and attract the right kind of people to join your company. Therefore, marketing your company as a great place to work, in addition to ensuring your brand values are depicted in a clear and tangible way, are important parameters to consider when encountering opportunities to recruit the right candidates to be a part of your brand. Compatibility of brand culture with the individual’s capabilities, interest & talent are of the essence in this scenario.

A5 notebook with wireless powerbank

Therefore, job fair giveaways that truly communicate your brand values must be considered. If you operate in the healthcare industry, you could look into replicas of relevant objects such as a model of a stethoscope or perhaps badges with medical elements, and your company branding as well. What about if you’re in the food & beverage industry, searching for the right fit for your firm? Your products, such as cookies, biscuits etc. served in branded & bespoke packaging! After all, who would say no to that? It is an effortless yet powerful way to make a long-lasting impact.

Understanding the target audience is of the essence in order to truly make an impression. Knowing the sort of merchandise that would seamlessly integrate with their day-to-day utilization patterns is key. Taking the effort and time to establish this would go a long way in matching you with the right person for your team. 

Here are some ideas for you to get your juices flowing:

  1. USB Flash Drive : Because everyone needs one these days! Easy, compact and powerful USB devices are tangible and omnipresent reminders of your brand since it is very useful for both students & professionals. Not to mention, it provides great marketing opportunities within the range of utility
  1. Power Banks : Always handy when your device is low on charge, it sends the message across that your brand is always there for the rescue! This will ensure your brand impact remains fresh in the mind of the user, who will not hesitate to get in touch with you regarding all the opportunities you may have to offer.
  1. Travel Wallets : With borders reopening once again, it would be nice to receive a gift that reminds you of the travel experiences that lie ahead. This gift would go a long way particularly if your company is a part of the travel & tourism industry. Regardless, it is a valuable memento since not only does it imply that you have a wonderful journey lying ahead, it also reminds the recipient that your brand will be with them every step of the way.

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