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An ultimate stationery checklist that every office need

Office stationery accessories are essential to any working environment to facilitate daily office tasks and routines. This is the case be it a small-scale business or a large and well-established organization - stationery is a mandate and is integral to ensuring smooth and successful execution of daily functionality within the work environment.

To make your daily office tasks easier, smoother and more simplified, do find below some essential stationery suggestions that should be part of your office’s ultimate stationery checklist:

  1. Notebooks

    Notebooks of all shapes, sizes and designs are essential to day-to-day official tasks. Whether it is jotting down minutes of a meeting, or taking relevant and useful notes while working - notebooks are indispensable. It is simple, robust and quick to pen your notes in your handy notebook, which would be a big part of the checklist.

  2. Pens

    What use are notebooks without the instrument to write notes with? Pens are arguably the most important part of an office stationery checklist since their applications are multifold as well as essential to daily tasks. Demonstrating ideas, writing notes and even doodles or drawings, trust the mighty pen to sort out all your thoughts to paper. Varied colours, sizes and branding go a long way in making sure pens are readily available and regularly used. Remember to keep a strong stock of pens handy for you never know when you might just need them.

  3. Pen Holders

    Every desk needs a pen holder to contain pens and other minute stationery items. It can also be used to contain pencils, paper clips, staples etc. Pen holders positioned at the corner of every desk in the office are sure to be super useful, equipped with all required stationery at your disposal.

  4. Card Holders

    Business cards are integral to any employee who represents an organization. Therefore, business card holders are useful to transport business cards and keep them safe from damage, so they can be used as intended in good shape.

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