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TA 1007 De Style Plastic USBDe style plastic USB flash drive. Easily attached to a keychain, this smooth plastic USB drive features metal accents and plenty of space for printing your logo or message.TA 1008 Carabiner USBFoldout carabiner USB flash drive. Tough and ready for anything, this carabiner model features slick details and a high-quality USB that folds out for quick use. Perfect for clipping onto keysor connecting to a briefcase or handbag for easy transport.TA 1009Metal Mini Swivel USBConvenient, small and light weight trendy gadget. Plug and play device which has the ability to store, remove and exchange data easily.smaller than a finger, 360 degree twister,With a post and ringlet anchor for keychain or lanyard.4www.shassgift.comGift & PromotionsGift & PromotionsTechnology

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