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Gift & PromotionsStationeryST 2015Wireless Flip NoteA5 Wireless Linen Water Resistant Notebook with4000mAh powerbank capacity. This include pocketsinside, Lycra pocket to hold mobile, business cardholder, elastic pen loop, expandable pocket fordocuments and notebook with 64sheets creamlined paper. There is flap for the wireless charger, youcan use it by putting the mobile on wireless part and itwill charge automatically and it has adjustable stand ifyou want to use the mobile at the same time. You can attachthe mobile in 2 elastic if you want to charge and go. Brown belt with button for closure. Screen indicator of battery on backside.Size: 16.5x22.5x2.5cmST 2016Wireless PU OrganizerWireless PU Portfolio with 5000mAh powerbank capacity. Inside includes adjustable tablet holder, businesscard holder, 2 elastic for accessories/cables,elastic pen loop, with 64 sheets cream linedpaper. You can use the wireless chargerby putting your mobile on mobileholder inside and it will chargeautomatically. It has 4 light batteryindicator and hidden USB port as well. Rubberized plate with light up in front for branding and metal button for closure.Gift & Promotionswww.shassgift.com63

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