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TA 1152 Universal Travel AdapterUniversal travel adapter, comes with 4 different pins and sockets. Get your company's logo featuredon the the adapter and take it places.TA 1153Gift & PromotionsUniversal Travel Adaptor With Light Up LogoDual USB at the same time, the charging use.8 hole socket, compatible with international standard plugs. Sapare fuse, More at ease. Freely- Rotating PlugBetween EU and AU US UK. Usage: Rotate Switching. suitable for apple and mobile digital products.TA 1154Adapter With Power Bank & Flash LightTravel light has a new meaning with this universaltravel adaptor power bank. This 3-in-1 techno wonderhas a 2,500mAh power bank, universal adaptor &emergency flash light, all rounded in one compact device!the smart power management system intelligently charges the phone first & then the power bank itself which is displayed in the LCD display.52www.shassgift.comGift & PromotionsTechnology

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