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TA 1118Wireless Bluetooth Card SpeakerSupport plug-in MP3 can also use the U disk to play, but alsoBluetooth speakers, cell phone hands-free dialogue, support formobile phone wire control operation, the songs up and down, pause,answer the phone and hang up only need to tap to pause, Bluetooth adapter, you can watch movies and voice chat.TA 1119Solid Bass Bluetooth SpeakerGift & PromotionsPortable Bluetooth speakers balance price and performance against size. While many go small at the expense of sound quality. Its form and limited battery life make it best suited to people who listen mostly in one spot, but they'll be rewarded withexcellent audio.TA 1120Mini Cube Bluetooth SpeakerMaterial : Plastic Strap HolderSize: 41 x 41 x 46 mm Available Color : Black40www.shassgift.comGift & PromotionsTechnology

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