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TA 1109 Bamboo QI Fast Wireless ChargerBamboo Qi fast wireless charging pad with stationary organizer Works as a wireless charger, Pen holder and accessories tray Simple design, Suitable for office desk, bedroom, and anyehereTA 1110 Phantom Wireless ChargerPhantom Wireless charger was designed with Qi Inductive charging technology and equipped with a power-efficient idle mode that won'tovercharge your battery or wasteenergy.36www.shassgift.comTA 1111Luggage ScaleLuggage Scale with Belt. Equipped with High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor SystemSize : 14.5x3x1.5cmMaximum capacity is 50kgDivision:10gOne button; Power by 1pc CR2032 lithium battery.Gift & PromotionsTechnology

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