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TA 1079 6000 mAh Leather PowerbankLeather Power Bank gives you the deluxe power your smart device deserves. Executive battery pack with 6,000mAh capacity with two charging ports and blue LED charging indicatorsis an attractive deal.TA 10806000 mAh Leather Powerbank PluseLeather Powerbank with 6000mAh capacity. Li-polymer battery, 5V/1A input, 5V/1-2.1A out-put, with 1pc standard micro USB charging cable. Packaging: Standard Black Box.Weight: 120/150gm. Size : 12.7x7.2x1.4cmTA 10818000 mAh Leather Powerbank Pluse8000mAh Wireless Powerbank in a Unique PU Material.Battery: Lithium PolymerWith led indicator for battery.Size: 13.4x7.1x1.6cm26www.shassgift.comGift & PromotionsTechnology

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