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TA 1063 Crystal Pen USBPenDrive Element Crystal Pen USB FlashDrive 4GB 8GB 16GB Pen Drive 32GB USB Flash Memory 64GB U disk.A convenient data storage device, let you easily take your data back home, to your office, school or any other place.TA 10642-in-1 Luxury Pen USB2 in 1 Metal ball pen with a built in USB flash driveis one of the great promotional gifts for your marketing campaign, road show, product launching or customer relationship management.TA 1065USB Flash Drives In Ball PenA USB stick in the shape of a ballpoint pen, the chipis pulled out on the top. It is also possible to write with it, an ideal promotional or business gift for offices,schools, or production halls where USB and pencil should always be at hand.www.shassgift.com19Gift & PromotionsTechnologyGift & Promotions

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