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CORPORATE GIFTS WITHA DIFFERENCEGift & PromotionsWe are a small team of promotional gifts specialists dedicated to helping clients achieve great results in their marketing campaigns through effective use of corporate gifts. Operating under the brand name “      ”, we have developed a portfolio of exclusive products which has made us one of largest merchandise solution providers in the region. Our customer portfolio is a testimony to this claim.We strongly believe that your brand and identity should reflect as accurately as possible your business and this is why we want to be the part of the change that you want to make. We’re able to bring you wide range of custom made promotional products which are of high quality and budget friendly.Our clients include international investment banks, law firms, telecoms, FMCG and automotive companies and branding agencies who have placed their trust in      due to our efficiency, reliability and above all the quality and value of our products. We also offer a range of bespoke luxury gifts and personal accessories. We have a team of skilled graphic designers who can provide exceptional artwork services to help you put your brand the best possible way.Shass Gift And Promotion Team.

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