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CA 7006  First Aid Kit2 Pcs triangular Bandage 2 Pcs wound dressing1 pc scissor1 pair PVC glove8 pcs alcohol pads4 pcs BZK1 roll adhesive plaster1 pc non-woven strip bandage 3 pcs sterile gauze sponges3 roll elastic gauze bandage2 roll elastic gauze bandageCA 7007Manicure Set6 Piece manicure set in leather pouchCA 7009  Hot And Cold PadInstant hot and cold pad activated when pressing the metal plate inside. No batteries required. Re-usable. Size: 10X6,5 CMCA 7008  Hand Warmer In Heart ShapeInstant hot and cold pad in heart shape. Activate it by pressing the metal plate inside. Can be used again by placing in hot water. No batteries required.www.shassgift.com185Gift & PromotionsCareGift & Promotions

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