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DR 6024  Grip Water BottleHydrate on the move with this light weight plastic drinking bottle made from tritan material. The silicon rings at the base of the bottle add grip and the foldable mouth piece ensure there is no spillDR 6025  Flip Straw Water BottleSport is the sustainable drinking bottle with capacity of 500ml. Instead of using a plastic bottle, use and re-use this stainless steel sports bottle with practical straw to quench your thirst.DR 6026  Fruit InfuserBeing healthy is made easy with these fruit infuser bottles. Bought too many fruits but can’t eat them all before they go bad, then infuse them with water & add the much-needed zest to your health routine. The BPA free bottles are greatto carry on a walk.www.shassgift.com171Gift & PromotionsGift & PromotionsDrinkware

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