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KI 5026 YoYo With LightYoyo with flashing red colour light. Includes 2 cell batteries.Size : Ø5,5X2,5 CMKI 5027 Wooden YoyoMade of solid maple, with a good quality twisted yo-yo string, it will go down and come back up quite easily if the string is twisted to be tight around the yo-yo’s axle...perfect for beginners.KI 5028Plastic YoyoPlastic yoyo with flat surface. 5 cm diameter.This yoyo is responsive, manual return. Easy to play,fits for kids, beginner. It can cultivate the imagination, creativity and rapid reaction ability.An ideal yoyo toy for kids, children, friends, families, etc. Size: O5X1,5CMwww.shassgift.com157Gift & PromotionsKids

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