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PR 3073Multi Tool Set 28 Functions In 1.PR 3074Multi Tool Set + LED Torch In BoxPR 3075Multi-Functional KnivesPR 3076 LightersLighters always go best for marketing whether its cigarette or lighter which is being used all aroundthe globe. Here we have a white colored Customized Lighter which is made of plastic. It can be printed on the front of the lighter. You can print any sort of design on this White Lighter or you can also print your company’s logo for a better branding. Lighters go great when it’s a matter of promotion. A product with an official logo gives product a quality look and everyone goes for the quality of the inside as well as the appearance with a cheaper price. These Whole Sale Lighters would be great for advertising purposes.138www.shassgift.comGift & PromotionsGift & PromotionsPremium

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