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PR 3050  Neoprene Armband Pouch Adjustable armband in neoprene with transparent frontwith reflective detail.PR 3051 Anti-Slip MagneticVent grip anti-slip magnetic Car AC vent universal mobile holder. Ventgrip mount holder features magnetic technology, saving you the hassle of placing your smartphone securely and make sure it doesn't fall out.PR 3052Dual Car ChargerUniversal magnetic car vent mount with a standard black color, rubber finishing and with metal plate. It is good with branding because it has mirror engraving effect.Dimension: 3.8xx4.9x1cmPR 3053  Mobile Holder For CarThe mobile phone has become a part of human life and with the increased use of smart phones, there are many accessories developed for its ease of use, among which a mobile holder is significant accessory to have. Promotional mobile holders make perfect promotional gifts for your customers, employees or even friends as they will use them all the time, which gives you a great opportunity to promote your brand.Size : 60 x 89 mmwww.shassgift.com131Gift & PromotionsPremium

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